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Barcamp Meetup 25. May, co.up, Berlin

Barcamp Meetup 1. June, Berlin

  Project Design Sprint Weekend, 9-11 June, Berlin – apply here

The Social-Digital Innovation Initiative is committed to creating a world where social solutions use technologies meaningfully, are impact driven, sustainable and benefit and belong to those who create them.

This is achieved by bringing together the relevant networks, creating open, widely available knowledge tools and inspiring grassroots communities, activists and geeks to collaborate in inclusive, nurturing environments – worldwide.

We are establishing an online community and we are launching a series of events inviting the grassroots themselves: problem owners from communities and tech-savvies, such as developers, free and open source developers, makers to pitch their ideas, find collaborators and join an incubation program.

  • Do you have a tech-based idea you think people could benefit from?
  • Are you passionate about solving a problem in your community and want to experiment with new ways of tackling it?
  • Do you want to turn your passion into a viable solution?
  • Do you want to support our cause?

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