We are looking for new team members to support us: people passionate about social innovation and social entrepreneurship and the use of technology for good. Do you want to be part of the team? Get in touch via the Contact Form!


Local Program Assistant (Intern, 8 hours/week, M/F)


  • assist and learn to independently run barcamps
  • familiarise with the SDI incubation cycle and tools and methodologies used 
  • assist the usage of these tools and methodologies in the local language, help adjust to the local context: monitor needs and suggest solutions for impactful work
  • work closely with the local ecosystem of social-digital entrepreneurship
  • research and recruit trainers, coaches, mentors

Currently looking for Coordinators in Hungary for a 4-months period between September-December 2017.

Deadline: 21 September 

Freelance Coaches (flexible, M/F)

We are building a pool of freelancers to run workshops on one or more of the following topics:

  • storytelling, presentation skills
  • social entrepreneurship in general, such as best practices, different models of social enterprises, scaling, tipping point
  • fundraising, short, medium and long-term plans, loans, equity, impact and angel investment, crowdfunding and crowd-donation, grants and prizes
  • ux, user-centered design, customer journey and value proposition, service design
  • social impact: SRS, impact measurement, theory of change
  • social business models, financial planning, robust financial models for social enterprises
  • social entrepreneurial teams, working with volunteers, new organizational models (holacracy, new work), agile project management, team health
  • how to talk to techies: needs, features, functionalities in social entrepreneurial projects
  • open source hardware and software: legal frameworks, implications, benefits, best practices
  • and other topics covered in our curriculum


Expired job postings


Strategic Social Business & Organization Developer (50%, M/F)


  • support of SDI’s daily work with its numerous delivery and knowledge partners, coordinate existing partnerships
  • exploration and development of new partnerships internationally (international aid agencies, foundations, governmental organizations, universities and private companies)
  • research fundraising opportunities, draft fundraising documents
  • constantly monitor needs of partners and create new challenges for the organization to improve its offerings
  • conduct quality and impact measurement

Deadline: 1 August 2017