Barcamp Pitches

Throughout May, we organised 6 barcamp sessions in Berlin. We asked our participants if they would allow us to publish the ideas they pitched, so here they are:

  • Platform to connect volunteers, mentors and learners
  • Volunteering platform – conveniently, randomly, once in a while
  • Digitizing schools: introducing personalized learning (AI and gamification) into schools
  • Empower indigenous women in Latin-America: break poverty cycle with handicrafts, connecting designers and companies
  • Digital literacy to indigenous, digitally illiterate communities
  • Technological strategies to enhance protection from cultural appropriation to indigenous people
  • Availability of means of production
  • Gamified donation platform
  • Civic engagement
  • Motivated (test)neighborhood for hyperlocal communities
  • Make people aware of privacy issues
  • How can we make cutting-edge tech available/affordable for low-income market businesses
  • How can we increase uptake of new tech in SMEs to improve business?
  • Create an international pod of and platform for peace reporters
  • Social + environmental justice, circular economy
  • Digital democracy: participation in public broadcasting
  • Skills in DIY civic tech & civic science
  • Blank canvas for cultural diversity
  • Net fragment for production, not consumption
  • Sustainable funding streams
  • Open data service for refugee + social projects
  • German politics: identity, inclusive development
  • 17 global goals interactive care & action change processes
  • Job creation in economically depressed areas of Germany
  • Populist perspectives on sexism
  • Menstrual Health Hub
  • Verification of human rights videos
  • Social connect: be introduced to friends of friends
  • Redesigning recruitment for inclusivity
  • Elderly people – eye tracking, voice and habit learning for mobile devices
  • Distributed personal data matching platform
  • GIGapedia: safe space for social activists
  • Platform for independent political people + direct democracy
  • Homeless empathy & consideration platform
  • DataVR – empathy for NGOs
  • User Data Silo Emancipation
  • Treebuss: Social tourism
  • LensShift: fixing misguided aid
  • Money saving FinTech
  • Menstrual Health Hub
  • Munit: crowdsourced neighborhood improvement – transition communities
  • Primary vote
  • Learning languages with artificial intelligence

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